SmallNews on iPod/iPhone

Two things have happened in the last week that have forced me to finally get round to making SmallNews iPod/iPhone-friendly.

Firstly, I gave in and bought an iPod Touch. I’ve wanted one for a while, to understand the whole App Store thing a bit better, but have struggled to justify buying yet another mobile gadget.

Secondly, I came incredibly close to leaving my Sony eBook reader on a plane last night. It wouldn’t have been the first time – I left a minidisc player on a flight to Stockholm (minidisc… it was a while ago), and I left my first Archos AV420 on a plane to Dublin. I turn them off for landing put them in the seat pocket, then never see them again.

So, new rule, no gadgets on planes that don’t fit in my shirt pocket. And the iPod Touch passes that requirement very nicely.

It turns out that the eBook version that SmallNews works very nicely on an iPod/iPhone using GoodReader. OK, it’s not free, but at $0.99 at the moment, it’s a bargain. Other readers such as Stanza can read the files, but the layout is horrible. So I’m using GoodReader, which also provides a very easy way of uploading the PDF to the iPod/iPhone over wifi.

This is what it looks like with all the menus on:

and this is what it looks like with the menus hidden.

photoThe text would perhaps benefit from being a little bigger, so I might look at an option to create an iPhone/iPod-specific edition in the next release. But it’s quite readable as it is, and of course you can do all that multi-touch stuff to make it bigger.

On a related note, I also got SmallNews running on my Linux-based EeePC. More on that another time though.


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