SmallNews 2.0

A quick bit of information about the forthcoming SmallNews 2.0.

I am going to rename the current release of SmallNews (0.4) as 1.0, because it will be the last release of that branch of the code, and I haven’t touched it for quite a while.

Instead, I’ve been spending time on 2.0 which contains some major new features.

  • every article can be saved in a database for later retrieval
  • these articles can then be sent by Twitter, Facebook, e-mail or exported as a PDF
  • new handlers for full text articles from The Telegraph and The Independent
  • scheduled creation of the newspaper each day
  • reorganization of the user interface

It’s taken a little longer than I intended to get a beta version of this released, because I keep adding new things to it rather than finishing the ones that are already there. But I’m going to try especially hard to stop doing that and get it released.

In the meantime, here’s a screenshot (click to enlarge):



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