SmallDVD 2.0 released

I am pleased to announce that SmallDVD 2.0 has been released. Intel and PPC versions are available from the download page. If you’re new to SmallDVD, make sure you install iMagine Photo first.

This version has only minor changes since 2.0b3:
  • fixed the occasional Applescript errors
  • changed the default background image to something a bit blacker

Unless people shout at me, this version is likely to be the last to support PPC and the last to support Tiger (10.4). The reason for this is that I want to upgrade to a newer version of ffmpeg, the tool which is used for video conversion. SmallDVD has been using a version of ffmeg from May 2007, and newer versions support several extra input formats. But it’s increasingly difficult to compile it on older versions of Mac OS X, and fewer and fewer people are using these.

So my intention is that SmallDVD 2.1 will upgrade to a newer ffmpeg, keep it updated it with each release, and be Intel-only on 10.5 or higher.

But if you’re using SmallDVD on Tiger or PPC, let me know, and if there is sufficient demand, I’ll see if I can continue to support them. One possible approach is to create new versions of SmallDVD that use the older ffmpeg on these platforms. That isn’t ideal (as it would result in 3 different versions of SmallDVD), but it’s certainly possible.


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